Signalling – at the molecular level
Monika Jaeckel

This text accompanies my performance piece at the exhibition, Hyphen – between art and research, in March 2019 at the Ambika P3 gallery. As with any other space, when entered, Ambika P3 becomes tangible in its relation and affectivity to both time and mattering. During the performance, the visible and audible specifics of the site become experiential through the diffraction of words and movement, intellect and sense, into contiguity. Throughout and beyond this text, movement practitioners engage with each other and the room, each from their perspective. Wearing e-textiles by the fashion designer Gabriela Guasti Rocha, the performers will bring forward a normally imperceptible acoustic layer when moving through the space.  Fitted with wireless transmitters, these costumes pick up buzzing sounds that are elicited by the interference of motion. The combination of these noises sparked by movement, together with speech, aims to underscore that thought and action emerge in their interference with the layers and diffractions of their surroundings. The unanticipated, simultaneous surfacing of various forms of knowing (in moving, speaking, listening) addresses motion as multi-layered. It levels this processual interweaving of what is commonly understood as antagonistic—theory and practice, body and mind, self and other—towards an interpretation of complementarity. Keywords: intra-action; knowledge; matter; molecular; movement; non-human; performativity