[one_half]”Lilith By The Red Sea Carpet” is currently a work in progress, one of three installations exploring connections between ceramic art practice, critical theory and Aramaic incantation bowls. These are ceramic bowls dating from 5-7th century CE Babylonia covered with spell texts which aim to protect the home from demons. In this triptych of emotional spaces, the fabric of the home manifests ideas inherent in the incantation texts, and Lilith Carpet focuses on Lilith, the most commonly mentioned demon in the texts. [/one_half][one_half_last]According to Lilith mythology, Lilith was banished from the Garden of Eden to live on the shores of the Red Sea (a probable mistranslation from the Biblical Hebrew ‘Sea of Reeds’). Able to enter homes through mirrors, Lilith can take up residence in cellars and attics in order to adulterously procreate with humans. Liminally situated, Lilith Carpet will be performatively realised through the duration of the exhibition, using porcelain, plants and spices.[/one_half_last]

[two_third]Sue Goldschmidt is an Australian London-based ceramic artist. She holds a BA Hons from Manchester University in Language and Literary Studies, and a BA Hons (first class) in Ceramics from Westminster University.

Currently undertaking a practice-based Phd in Ceramics at CREAM, Sue makes large-scale ceramic installation concerned with the ability of objects and spaces to embody emotion, and the anachronistic juxtaposition of contemporary and ancient narratives. Sue is also influenced by ecological aesthetics and concerns, and has recently been awarded a public art commission for Harrow Square to realise her living plant work Hedgerow.

Sue taught Ceramics at The Institute, Hampstead Garden Suburb, between 2006 – 2013, and has work in the Ben Uri Gallery collection. Sue has exhibited extensively throughout the UK, including at the Menier Gallery, CAA, Cupola Contemporary Art, DKNY London, North Cloisters UCL, 20/21 Visual Art Centre, Ludlow Assembly Rooms, Christie’s, and the Liverpool Biennial Fringe.

Artist website: http://www.suegoldschmidt.co.uk