monika jaeckel

reverberating interferences – explorations into thingness

reverberating interferences – explorations into thingness originally planned as a performative presentation became reconceptualised into an experimental film project due to the pandemic situation.

The project focuses on the indeterminacy and unpredictability of change resulting from patterns of movement and countermovement initiated by bodies of all kinds – non-human and human. Tracing the modulation of continuing interference reverberations before they sediment and become a part of planetary memory. Initiated by intra-actions reverberating interferences emerge as sounds, voices, noises, non-acoustic signals (gestures) emerging from movement in and across matter: water, air, earth, plants, animals, climate, and humans as an opportunity to un/learn and let them to seep and condense differently.

Thinking through entanglements does not dissipate the ability to respond in different ways. The reverberating resonances of other matter that co-constitute humans as well as in/non/sub-human matter and things, manifest as behaviour and thought patterns, hinting at the importance of unlearning for discovering other possibilities. The dissolution of dichotomous interpretation habits creates space for the emergence of sounds and noises, often undefinable at first, but no longer negligible.

Change as an intra-active process is incited by multiple inner and exterior affectivities by resonance’s renewing impact as inquiry into response/i/ability. A continuous iteration of re-defining and re adjusting that is decoupled from a one-sided idea of agency the imbalance of capacity and the specific interwoven relations. It is an attempt towards plurivocality based on understanding of listening as to be open to receiving and caring, an ethics of call and response.


monika jaeckel, Berlin/London, performer, researcher, and writer with a background in artistic performance and new media. She recently completed a practice-based PhD at CREAM, University of Westminster.

Marting Hug, Barcelona, Spain, electronic music and arts, dance, installation, percussionist, development of own technological devices.

Lilia Strojec, London, works with moving image and photography. Researches technological materiality
of the screen-based medium as a vehicle for nonhuman form of thought.

Pepa Ubera, choreographer and dancer

Giulia Iurza, London, dance artist and yoga teacher

Paolo Pisarra, London, freelanced dance artist

Selene Travaglia, London, contemporary dancer

Louiseanne Wong, London, movement artist, Esprit Concrete (ADD, Parkour)

Lene Vollhardt, London, artist, filmmaker, performer, currently: Royal Academy, London