Manuela Johanna Covini

The New Village Project – I have to change my life, an experience

The long, bulky title already gives the most important information about this website-project. Basically, it is about the question of how one can lead a good and proper life today, in 2022: free of fear, self-determined and self-responsible and integrated into the organism Earth. This is, of course, very complex and raises a multitude of considerations, which now, however, urgently require decisions. Because ‘my’ life can no longer be considered as a purely private ecology.

You must change your life! But who could say that to whom? Our modern psyche is now so organised that we no longer let any authority tell us what we must do. And this is what my imperative title suggests: I have to change. Today’s life is an ambivalent experience anyway, and my arguments for a ‘good life’ are a narrative of personal experiences and fictional, archaeological conjectures – presented as a website with video, text and photography.


Manuela Johanna Covini, 1960, lives and works in Berlin and Mexico City. Over the years, she has trained, studied and practiced professionally in various areas – including as producer and editor of two TV programmes in Switzerland. Her artistic work is concerned with how life goes beyond its own subjective limits. Unclear narratives deny the viewer orientation in time and place. Her projects explore the theme of simultaneity: simultaneity of space and time, of memory and present, of dream and reality, truth and lies… The digital image allows her to present her projects as a tangible, fictional universe in a distinctive visual vocabulary (as an aesthetically resilient material).

Manuela Johanna Covini