Amanda Egbe


Imitations is a video essay on race and its representation in Douglas Sirk’s 1959 film Imitation of Life explored through machine learning tools for image analysis. Can AI tools reveal and revere as opposed to the criticism of bias and anti-blackness found in some algorithms and datasets? The essay utilises Laura Mulvey’s concept of delayed cinema and visual play with datasets to look at Sirk’s approach to racial representation.

The essay comes out of the project Where Do You Keep Your Black People? A project concerned with the intersection of the moving image(s), artificial intelligence and representations of race.


Amanda Egbe is an artist, filmmaker and senior lecturer in media production at the University of Bedfordshire. Her practice and research, concerns archives, new technologies, race, and activism.

You can see her solo show in March and April at the Broadway Gallery, Letchworth Garden City

Amanda Egbe